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Latest generation of implant system ‘does it all’

Issued: Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Some of the UK’s leading dental implant professionals have welcomed the next step in the continuous evolution of the ASTRA TECH Implant SystemTM. This development is the result of consultation by DENTSPLY Implants with its customers to find out how the system could be improved.

ASTRA TECH Implant SystemTM EV builds on clinically documented success across three decades. Mark Willings of Horbury Dental Care and Implant Clinic in Yorkshire believes, “this is the best implant system currently on the market. It gives great results across the board. From single tooth to full mouth rehabilitation, ASTRA TECH Implant System EV does it all.”

The design is based on natural dentition, utilising a site-specific, crown-down approach to help ensure a successful outcome. According to Dr Michael Norton of Implant Reconstructive Dentistry in Harley Street, “EV has a much simpler surgical protocol, with higher primary stability. In all departments it is a more robust system with improved long-term mechanical integrity.”

Surgical flexibility

The versatile OsseoSpeedTM EV implant designs have a wide range of shape, length and width options. This allows the dentist to easily manage and adapt to different challenges as they arise. Dr Stephen Jacobs of Dental FX in Glasgow says “EV is the next generation of what was already a great system. It is a definite improvement and it is going to give me more flexibility.”

The drilling procedure is made easy by using colour-coding and a simple numbering system. The options within the drilling protocol help ensure correct preparation of the marginal bone and allow the preferred level of primary stability to be achieved. Mr Kia Rezavandi of 40 Harley Street Group Practice enthuses, “The quality of the drills is outstanding. The system is very user friendly.”

ASTRA TECH Implant systemTM EV has only one surgical tray with three interchangeable overlays, so the content can be set up according to clinical preference. The colour-coded tray has an intuitive layout, for ease of use and effective handling throughout the surgical procedure. Stephen Jacobs describes how this helps communication among the surgical team, “They do not have to learn a range of different implant diameters. All they have to refer to is a colour.”

Restorative ease

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV offers an extensive restorative assortment, including patient-specific abutments and a wide range of pre-fabricated abutments. The components are designed to help support all clinical situations and soft tissue sculpturing requirements for final restorations. They are available in a choice of materials to support the planned final restoration and aesthetic demands.

The system has a unique interface with three indexing solutions. The six position index is for stock abutments and the index-free abutments can be seated in any position. A one-position-only option is available for ATLANTIS patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments. Michael Norton explains, “This is the first time that the choice of two indexes in one implant has become available. This eradicates error and simplifies the restorative process.”

The self-guiding impression components require only one hand for precise seating. Stephen Jacobs says, “All you have to do is turn the guide pin and the impression coping will seat correctly.” According to Steve Campbell, Managing Director of Ambridge Ceramics, “The narrower neck of the impression components allows the material to pick up detail of the soft tissue contours. The site-specific healing abutment prepares the soft tissue for a natural-looking emerging crown. This creates a more detailed technical situation and, therefore, better final restorations.”

For simplicity, all final abutments have the same tightening torque value of 25 Ncm. In addition, each abutment screw is optimally designed to ensure correct pre-load and a stable screw joint over time.

The simple prosthetic workflow gives increased confidence to all members of the treatment team. Steve Campbell adds, “Everyone should be excited by the introduction of EV. It takes the guesswork out of the manufacture of implant-supported prostheses. I can trust the system components to provide accurate information to create the ideal crown.”

Maintenance of marginal bone

The foundation of this evolutionary step remains the ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement ComplexTM. This is well-documented for its long-term marginal bone maintenance and aesthetic results. The OsseoSpeedTM surface speeds up the bone healing process. The MicroThreadTM provides biomechanical bone stimulation, while the Conical Seal DesignTM produces a strong and stable fit. The Connective ContourTM increases the soft tissue contact zone and volume.

The combination of these interdependent features ensures a reliable, predictable and aesthetic result both in the short and long term. The advent of ASTRA TECH Implant SystemTM EV offers additional advantages for the surgeon and the dental technician. Kia Rezavandi explains, “The latest generation maintains the unique character of the system, whilst simplifying the surgical and restorative process.”

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