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"The service, support and training provided by DENTSPLY is second to none. It's fantastic knowing that the back-up is there to help you build a championship practice team with excellent implant skills."

Daniel Cattell

Cheriton Dental Practice

"The back-up I receive from the company is first class. I also think their commitment to postgraduate education, in the quality of the courses they promote, is unrivalled. These surely help other dental surgeons to hugely develop their skills in the field of implant dentistry. Appropriate, researched, structured training is of paramount importance in implant dentistry."

Ross Drybrough

Worthing Implant Centre

‘More than just financial’ rewards from restoring dental implants

Issued: Monday, 23 November 2009


Restoring dental implant cases is simple and profitable for dentists in general practice. Minimal additional training and equipment are needed. The complete package is available FREE through DENTSPLY Friadent's R£LAX programme featured on

Dr Farrokh Sharifzad, of Hove Family Dental Practice in East Sussex, explains: 'Being able to carry out dental implant restorations here means that patients can benefit from the treatment as part of the long-term care that we provide. It has generated more income for the practice and has improved the level and quality of dentistry I can offer.'

According to Dr Robert Thomson, of Grey Gables Dental Surgery, East Kilbride, 'Getting started in dental implant restoration involves a very small outlay, but the rewards are more than just financial. Because patients are talking to their friends about implants, people are now asking us about the treatment.'

Dr Philip Noble, of P&J Noble Dental Practice in Saddleworth, adds: 'For the general practitioner, implant restoration is often the simplest option compared with alternative prosthetic treatments. Once the implant and abutment are in place it's a relatively straightforward procedure.'

The restorative phase of dental implant treatment can be even simpler than alternative crown and bridge restorations. Surgical placement is undertaken by a competent colleague, and the patient stays with their own dentist for long-term care.Partners for implant surgery can be found at, the UK's most detailed online directory of implant dentists.


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