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"The back-up I receive from the company is first class. I also think their commitment to postgraduate education, in the quality of the courses they promote, is unrivalled. These surely help other dental surgeons to hugely develop their skills in the field of implant dentistry. Appropriate, researched, structured training is of paramount importance in implant dentistry."

Ross Drybrough

Worthing Implant Centre

"The service, support and training provided by DENTSPLY is second to none. It's fantastic knowing that the back-up is there to help you build a championship practice team with excellent implant skills."

Daniel Cattell

Cheriton Dental Practice

Dental implant treatment expands

Issued: Tuesday, 12 February 2013

There has never been a better time for dentists to get involved with dental implants, either placing or simply restoring for their own patients.  The implant business continues to experience sustained growth, despite adverse UK economic conditions.  DENTSPLY Implants is growing three to four times faster than the market.  The company’s customers are at the forefront of this relentlessly expanding field. 

Formed by combining the strengths of DENTSPLY Friadent and Astra Tech Dental, DENTSPLY Implants provides more dental implants in the UK than any other company.  The new organisation has a comprehensive range of trusted products for every clinical situation, unique initiatives to support practice growth and exceptional postgraduate skills development opportunities.

Chris Meldrum, UK and Ireland Managing Director for DENTSPLY Implants, explains why the sector is bucking the trend, “There are millions of people in the UK with some or all of their teeth missing.  But, the annual number of dental implants placed here is relatively low, compared with other developed countries.  Our experience suggests that substantially more patients are willing to make the necessary investment, once they learn more about the benefits.”

Implant treatment can change lives, by enabling patients to eat and speak completely normally once again, and to smile, laugh and even kiss with confidence.  Chris Meldrum explains that, “Working with our clinical and technical partners, DENTSPLY Implants has the potential to help even more people discover that dental implants are the next best thing to getting their natural teeth back.   The new company is already attracting interest from more clinicians and dental technicians who are keen to accelerate the development of their own implant business”.

One of the ways DENTSPLY Implants is helping its customers to treat more cases is by improving patient access to dental implant treatment.  This is being achieved both with the involvement of the patient’s own dentist, as well as direct online through  The number of practitioners featured on the leading directory website is increasing to more than 200 this year.  That will make it even easier for people with missing teeth to contact a local dentist to discuss implant treatment.

Dr Alan Carter of Dentistry at No. 3 in Dunfermline received more enquiries from patients after joining the dentists4implants initiative.  He says, “People seem to be finding the practice better and we are now getting interest from a much wider geographical area.”  Dr Simon Belford of Alington Dental in Bournemouth adds, “ is a great way of getting more implant patients and increasing your practice income.   Every additional case treated has generated in the region of £4-10K of extra income.”

In addition to extra patients contacting implant dentists direct, general dental practitioners are referring more cases for implant treatment as a result of DENTSPLY Implants’ ‘R£LAX’ programme.  Training, support and a mini prosthetics kit are provided free, through a programme of ‘R£LAX’ events around the UK.  This initiative is now joined by dentists who use the ASTRA TECH Implant System.  Dr Ludwig Gedah of Par River Dental Practice in Cornwall recommends the scheme to colleagues saying: “It’s free, friendly and informative.  It can help your practice thrive!”

In the twenty-first century, every dentist needs to be able to offer implant treatment as part of a comprehensive package of care.  Introducing dental implants to their practice gives clinicians more freedom and offers patients more choice.  To enable practitioners to get involved, DENTSPLY Implants has an even broader programme of postgraduate training than its predecessor companies.  Full details of courses are available 24/7 by visiting

Having attended the Simply Excellence Course, Dr Robert Baker of Sandown Dental Practice, Isle of Wight now carries out implant treatment himself.  He explains how his enthusiasm for the profession was boosted by adding another string to his bow, saying: “This has stimulated and refreshed my career.”  Dr Jason Berry of Hacton Dental Care, Hornchurch, Essex attended a year-long programme at Highland View Dental Surgery.  He is now confident to place implants in his own practice and enthuses about “this exciting branch of dentistry”.

DENTSPLY Implants enjoys the combined resources of Astra Tech Dental and DENTSPLY Friadent in research and product development. The new company is continuing to supply and further develop its implant systems, including ANKYLOS®, the ASTRA TECH Implant Systemand XiVE®.  Delegates who attend its world-class scientific events say how much they also enjoy the social side too.  Clearly, it is possible to mix business and pleasure, with the result of increasing commercial success.

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