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"The back-up I receive from the company is first class. I also think their commitment to postgraduate education, in the quality of the courses they promote, is unrivalled. These surely help other dental surgeons to hugely develop their skills in the field of implant dentistry. Appropriate, researched, structured training is of paramount importance in implant dentistry."

Ross Drybrough

Worthing Implant Centre

Free GDP training in restoring implant-supported bridges

Issued: Tuesday, 13 March 2012

More and more general dental practitioners are discovering that restoring implant cases can be good for their practice and enhance long-term patient relationships.  The most common implant treatments can now be restored by the patient’s own dentist, thanks to a series of training events around the UK.  DENTSPLY Friadent’s ‘R£LAX’ programme has been extended to enable GDPs and implant dentists to work in partnership to provide patients with ANKYLOS SynCone-supported removable full arch bridges.  Further details can be found on

There are several ways in which the referring dentist can become involved with providing implant-supported dentures for their patients.  Dr Andrew Moore of Advance Dental Clinic, Chelmsford, explains: “ANKYLOS SynCone provides a simple restorative solution. Working with the laboratory, the patient’s own dentist can provide the bridge in advance, so that the denture can be worn the same day that the implants are fitted, under an immediate loading protocol.  Alternatively, the GDP can fit a new denture once the implants have had time to integrate with the bone, under a delayed protocol.”

The ANKYLOS SynCone system provides the security of a fixed implant-supported bridge which is removable for cleaning.  It is more stable than a clip-retained denture but is less expensive than a fixed full arch ceramic bridge.  Dr Tim Eldridge of myFACE in Cheltenham has been working with SynCone for over a year.  He says, “SynCone is neat and minimal, at the same time as being sturdy and stable.  Patients like the confidence they gain from having a rigid bridge but with a lot less in the mouth.  It is much cheaper than a fixed bridge, not as fiddly for the clinician and more convenient for the patient.  The teeth are completely implant-supported, so there are no forces or pressure on the gums.”

The key to SynCone is a tapered abutment and matching coping which support a removable bridge on ANKYLOS  dental implants.  The full arch normally requires four or six implants.  Surface contact provides retention on the tapered primary crown.  Insertion and removal of the prosthesis is easy for the patient.  The unique ANKYLOS TissueCare Connection between the abutment and the implant is the result of 25 years of continuous development and success in clinical practice.  Patients and dentists can be confident of long-lasting, healthy hard and soft tissue.

For the dental technician, making the SynCone implant-supported bridge is routine. According to Andrew Evans, Managing Director of Implant Restorations Limited, “Once you have mastered the procedure and followed each of the steps, it is a foolproof process. The single platform makes it straightforward to deal with.  The connection is the same no matter what size implant, which makes the component selection a lot easier.”

DENTSPLY Friadent offers a free package to help general practitioners get started in implant restoration.  Attendees at ‘R£LAX’ events qualify for three hours CPD and a free mini prosthetics kit to complete their first restored case, plus ongoing local support from their implant surgical partner and DENTSPLY Friadent.  More than 500 dentists have already begun restoring implants for their patients, as a result of this nationwide campaign.

Those who have attended ‘R£LAX’ events have discovered that the ANKYLOS system is simple and easy to use.  Introducing implant restoration to their practices has allowed dentists to offer more treatment options, whilst retaining their patients’ business.  This has made the procedure more convenient for the patient and take-up is increasing.  The full events calendar and a directory of implant surgery partners are available at

Having a local implant dentist as a mentor provides referring practitioners with the confidence to undertake the restoration themselves and the opportunity to learn more about the process.  Dr Mike Barnard in Glasgow explains how working with implant dentist Dr Allan Pirie is good for his practice: “My patients are comfortable that the referring dentist is hands on with the restorative stage.  I am delighted to have the back-up of advice and mentoring from an experienced practitioner.”

Dr Mike Kelly of Southview Dental Centre in Kent refers patients to The Implant Centre, Haywards Heath, and has begun restoring larger bridge cases.  He has found that patients are happier knowing their own dentist will complete the restoration: “I have been surprised how many patients appreciate my involvement in their implant treatment.  They are more confident about going ahead.”

Dr Ludwig Gedah of Par River Dental Practice in Cornwall went to a ‘R£LAX’ evening held by Dr Don Weerasirie.  He can now offer the option of implant treatment to his patients and carry out the restoration himself.  He enthuses: “I left feeling I could offer a service to my patients that I couldn’t before.”  He urges other GDPs considering attending one of these events: “Do! It’s free, friendly and informative.  It can help your practice thrive!”

Implant treatment can improve clinical outcomes for patients and increase income for their dentist. Undertaking the restoration phase enables GDPs to profit from the continuing expansion of the implant market, without having to learn to place dental implants.  Restoring implants helps dentists improve practice performance and strengthen long-term patient relationships.  Further details of DENTSPLY Friadent’s ‘R£LAX’ package, including the programme of forthcoming events, are available online at  

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