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"The service, support and training provided by DENTSPLY is second to none. It's fantastic knowing that the back-up is there to help you build a championship practice team with excellent implant skills."

Daniel Cattell

Cheriton Dental Practice

"The back-up I receive from the company is first class. I also think their commitment to postgraduate education, in the quality of the courses they promote, is unrivalled. These surely help other dental surgeons to hugely develop their skills in the field of implant dentistry. Appropriate, researched, structured training is of paramount importance in implant dentistry."

Ross Drybrough

Worthing Implant Centre

GDP implant restoration revolution gathers pace

Issued: Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More general dental practitioners from all over the UK are starting to restore dental implants for their own patients, through a nationwide campaign of local events backed by DENTSPLY Friadent.  The GDP implant restoration training programme began last year, and has accelerated during 2010 to include more than 50 ‘R£LAX’ events from Scotland to Cornwall.  The complete package is provided free, including three hours CPD and a prosthetics kit for restoring the first case.  The full events calendar and a directory of implant surgery partners are available at

For any patient with missing or failing teeth, dental implants can restore life-like oral appearance, natural function and boost confidence.  Implant supported dental crowns, bridges and dentures look, feel and function just like real teeth.  The result can last a lifetime, when properly looked after.  According the British Dental Health Foundation patient information leaflet on dental implants: "Over the longer term, implants are usually a more cost-effective and satisfactory option".

No wonder demand for dental implants has continued to rise, despite the recent economic challenges.  According to Chris Meldrum, DENTSPLY Friadent’s Managing Director for UK & Ireland, “The potential growth here is truly enormous.  The number of implant procedures carried out in the UK each year is one tenth the number in Italy, and Britain still treats only one seventh the annual number of cases in Germany.  Our GDP restoration campaign is helping the implant sector grow faster, by making the treatment option more accessible to patients through their own dentist”.

Fewer than one in ten UK dentists have undergone specific training in the surgical placement of dental implants.  So, more patients can only benefit from implant treatment, if their own dentists are comfortable with referring cases to a competent colleague.   Chris Meldrum explains: “Involvement in the restorative phase appears to give general dental practitioners clinical confidence to advocate implant treatment to their patients.  Meanwhile, a close partnership with an implant dentist seems to give the GDP commercial confidence to refer cases for surgical placement as part of patients’ long-term care”.

Restoring simple dental implant cases is quick and profitable. Minimal additional training and equipment are needed by most general dental practitioners. The complete package is provided FREE through DENTSPLY Friadent’s ‘R£LAX’ programme.

Local Events and FREE 'R£LAX' Pack (worth £605)

  • Hands-on training (3 hours CPD)
  • Mini prosthetics kit
  • CD on impressions and placement
  • Practice Builder patient information
  • In-surgery support for first case
  • Local laboratory support
  • £100 education voucher

Dr Farrokh Sharifzad, a general dental practitioner in Hove, explains, “Restoring dental implants has generated more income for the practice and has improved the level and quality of dentistry I can offer.  Patients can benefit from the treatment as part of the long-term care that we provide.”  Robert Thomson of East Kilbride adds, “Getting started in dental implant restoration involves a very small outlay, but the rewards are more than just financial. Because our patients are talking to their friends about implants, people are now asking us about the treatment”.  

More and more general dental practitioners are finding that getting involved with implant restoration is good for their patients and their business.  DENTSPLY Friadent has received hundreds of enquiries from dentists who want to learn how to restore implant cases.  Meanwhile, implant dentists are queuing up to benefit from the company’s expert help with development of their networks of referring practices.

One of the pioneers of the GDP restoration programme, The Implant Centre in Haywards Heath, places around 1,000 implants per year.  With increasing referrals from dentists who restore cases for their own patients, the Centre has outgrown its premises in just three years.  According to Dr Bill Schaeffer, “We’re seeing more and more implant cases referred every week, with around 40 percent currently being restored by the patient’s own dentist”.

Individual implant restoration training for GDPs
If the list of forthcoming 'R£LAX' events on does not include a location/date which is convenient, DENTSPLY Friadent can still help.  The company can also arrange individual implant restoration training sessions, or set up a personal 'R£LAX' chairside tutorial with a local implant dentist.  Enquiries can be made by emailing the company’s course coordinator: or calling Freephone 0800 077 8650.

Dr Philip Noble, who practises in Saddleworth, explains, “For the general practitioner, implant restoration is often the simplest option compared with alternative prosthetic treatments.  Once the implant and abutment are in place it's a relatively straightforward procedure.”  Dr Sally Rayment of Cuckfield describes how the ‘R£LAX’ training programme helps: “The course gave me a good knowledge foundation and understanding of dental implantology. I can now advertise implant treatment at my practice with additional confidence.”

The ‘R£LAX’ restoration campaign is just one of several unique initiatives exclusively available from DENTSPLY Friadent to help the company’ customers grow their practices.  In addition to dental press advertising, the campaign includes news stories, feature articles, magazine inserts and direct mail leaflets featuring the referral directory  With more than 100 participating dentists, the directory is probably the most informative, accessible and easy-to-use list of implant dentists in the UK.

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