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"The back-up I receive from the company is first class. I also think their commitment to postgraduate education, in the quality of the courses they promote, is unrivalled. These surely help other dental surgeons to hugely develop their skills in the field of implant dentistry. Appropriate, researched, structured training is of paramount importance in implant dentistry."

Ross Drybrough

Worthing Implant Centre

"The service, support and training provided by DENTSPLY is second to none. It's fantastic knowing that the back-up is there to help you build a championship practice team with excellent implant skills."

Daniel Cattell

Cheriton Dental Practice

Restoring happiness with ANKYLOS® dental implants

Issued: Wednesday, 10 February 2010

There’s a great deal to be happy about with ANKYLOS® - not just for patients whose lives can be transformed by dental implants, but also for the team of professionals who provide the treatment.

According to The British Dental Health Foundation’s patient leaflet on dental implants: ‘Over the longer term, implants are usually a more cost-effective and satisfactory option’.  Restoring ANKYLOS® dental implants in general practice can be easier than traditional crown and bridge treatments, in straightforward cases.  DENTSPLY Friadent makes it even simpler to get started in this exciting and expanding field of dentistry, with a FREE ‘R£LAX’ pack including a prosthetics kit and 3 hours CPD (details from

Dr Philip Noble of P&J Noble Dental Practice in Saddleworth agrees that, ‘For the general practitioner, implant restoration is often the simplest option compared with alternative prosthetic treatments’, and ‘Restoring an ANKYLOS implant is the easiest due to the morse taper design.’  The system also offers dentists and dental technicians the reassurance of more than twenty years of proven clinical performance, together with the added flexibility of the unique C/X indexing option.

With ANKYLOS® implants, patients can be confident of lasting natural smiles and oral function.  The ‘TissueCare Connection’ ensures a bacteria-proof conical seal between implant and abutment for healthy soft tissue and stable underlying bone. According to a patient of Dr Andrew Moore of Advanced Implant Clinic, Chelmsford, ‘The procedure was surprisingly easy.  The finished implants and crowns look and feel like my own teeth, only better.’

The ‘TissueCare Connection’, combined with the ANKYLOS® progressive thread and growth-activating surface, delivers outstanding primary stability and faster treatment conclusions.  Dr Dermot McNulty of Bath Spa Dentistry explains: ‘I have no doubt that the ANKYLOS system contributes to the retention of bone around the implant. It has a very stable connection, which prevents bacterial contamination. In terms of clinical outcomes, the results are very predictable.’

For the dental technician ANKYLOS® extends choice, through its comprehensive range of established restorative options.  Anthony Laurie of Dental Excellence (Technology) Limited, London adds: ‘ANKYLOS is a very user-friendly implant system. The range of abutment shapes and sizes and an excellent abutment selection kit, which reduces ordering errors, make it highly versatile. The positive location of the new C/X indexed option further simplifies the fabrication process for the technician.’

For restoring general dental practitioners, the FREE ‘RELAX’ pack available via includes:

  • Hands-on training (3 Hours CPD)
  • Mini prosthetics kit
  • CD on impressions and placement
  • Practice Builder patient information
  • In-surgery support for first case
  • Local laboratory support
  • £100 education voucher

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