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"The back-up I receive from the company is first class. I also think their commitment to postgraduate education, in the quality of the courses they promote, is unrivalled. These surely help other dental surgeons to hugely develop their skills in the field of implant dentistry. Appropriate, researched, structured training is of paramount importance in implant dentistry."

Ross Drybrough

Worthing Implant Centre

"The service, support and training provided by DENTSPLY†is second to none. It's fantastic knowing that the back-up is there to help you build a championship practice team with excellent implant skills."

Daniel Cattell

Cheriton Dental Practice

Dental implant education and training ‘as you like it’

Patient interest in tooth implants is increasing all the time. One way or another, every dentist needs to be able to offer the treatment, as part of a comprehensive package of care.

DENTSPLY Implants provides a wide range of courses and events which enable dental professionals to further develop their skills, competence and confidence. With training centres around the UK, the programme benefits from a wealth of collective experience offered by eminent lecturers and respected clinical mentors.

Many of the most popular courses feature live surgery and hands-on sessions to help develop practical skills. Lectures by leading experts give theoretical teaching in implant surgery and prosthetics. The programme also includes training for dental nurses, dental hygienists and dental technicians.

"To meet patients' needs in the fast developing field of dental implantology, it is more important than ever that all clinicians continue to maintain and extend their level of competence. Through its continuing commitment to education, DENTSPLY Friadent offers a variety of options for every member of the dental implant team."

Dr Ashok Sethi, The Centre for Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry, Harley Street

General dental practitioners can quickly learn to restore straightforward cases or pursue a structured training programme to be able to place dental implants for their own patients. For those who are already active in dental implantology, there are surgical courses to gain the skills to tackle a wider range of cases.

Clinical training is complemented by practice development seminars to help you treat more patients and grow your business. Mentoring supports dentists in their own practice and direct learning online provides convenient training opportunities at a time and place to suit you.

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